Accountability for Effectiveness in Global Governance

edited by John Kirton and Marina Larionova
available from Routledge, 2018

This book critically examines how effectively central global institutions comply with their commitments and how their effectiveness can be improved through accountability measures designed to raise compliance and deliver better results.

Expert contributors assess compliance and accountability at the key global institutions to provide an important resource for policymakers and scholars in political science, governance and accountability.

The table of contents and the supporting appendices, tables and figures are available here. They are listed in the order they are referred to in the book.

Part One: Introduction

  1. Accountability and Effectiveness in Global Governance
    John Kirton and Marina Larionova

Part Two: Global Economic Governance

  1. Financial Regulation for Stability
    Andrew Baker and Kateryna Dzhaha
  2. Governing the Gaps in Global Banking
    Vladimir Zuev and Anastasia Nevskaya

Part Three: Global Sustainable Development Governance

  1. Governing Global Energy: Where Are We Heading?
    Victoria V. Panova
  2. Climate Change Control through G7/8, G20 and UN Leadership
    John Kirton, Ella Kokotsis and Aurora Hudson
  3. Achieving Gender Equality through G7 and G20 Governance
    Julia Kulik

Part Four: Global Security Governance

  1. Strengthening Regional Security through G7/8 Sanctions and Force
    John Kirton and Julia Kulik
  2. When States Misbehave: Membership Suspension in International Organizations
    Heidi Hardt and Brent E. Sasley

Part Five: Accountability Mechanisms In Action

  1. Comparing G7/8, G20 and BRICS Compliance
    Caroline Bracht and Hanh Nguyen
  2. Explaining G8 Compliance: Reciprocity, Institutionalization and Accountability
    Ben Cormier
  3. Explaining G20 and BRICS Compliance
  4. Marina Larionova, Mark Rakhmangulov and Andrey Shelepov
  5. The ICC G20 Business Scorecard
    Jeff Hardy and Louis Bonnier
  6. Accountability in International Children’s Non-governmental Organizations
    David C. Kirsch
  7. Knowledge and Learning in the World Bank Assessing the Role, Challenges and Prospects for a More Accountable International Financial Institution
    Teresa Kramarz and Bessma Momani

Part Six: Conclusion

  1. Strengthening Global Governance through Accountability
    John Kirton

About the Editors

John J. Kirton is a professor of political science and the Co-director of the G20 Research Group, the Global Health Diplomacy Program and the BRICS Research Group, and Director of the G7 Research Group, all based at Trinity College at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto.

Marina Larionova, PhD, is head of the Center for International Institutions Research of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and Co-director of the BRICS Research Group.

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