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Appendix 10-C:
Commitments Grouped by Policy Field

From Chapter 10: Explaining G8 Compliance: Reciprocity, Institutionalization and Accountability, by Ben Cormier
In Accountability for Effectiveness in Global Governance
edited by John Kirton and Marina Larionova
available from Routledge, 2018

Category Commitments since 1989 Ministers used for category Policy field categorization
Climate change 67 Environment Sustainable development
Conflict prevention 8 Foreign Security
Crime 37 Crime, terror, justice, interior Security
Democracy 7 Foreign Security
Development 39 Development Sustainable development
East-West relations 2 Foreign Security
Education 9 Health and education Sustainable development
Energy 13 Energy Sustainable development
Environment 10 Environment Sustainable development
Finance 7 Finance Finance and economy
Food and agriculture 11 Agriculture Sustainable development
Health 57 Health Sustainable development
HP 1 Foreign Security
Human rights 2 Foreign Security
IFI reform 1 Finance Finance and economy
Information and communication technology 14 N/A Sustainable development
Macroeconomic 12 Finance Finance and economy
Microeconomic 3 Labour Finance and economy
Non-proliferation 27 Foreign Security
Nuclear safety 2 Foreign Security
Regional security 19 Foreign Security
Social policy 7 Health and education Sustainable development
Terrorism 17 Crime, terror, justice, interior Security
Trade 28 Trade Finance and economy
Transparency 2 Foreign Security
United Nations reform 3 Foreign Security

Note: HP = Heiligendamm Process;  IFI = international financial institution. N/A = not applicable.

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