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Table 8-3:
Regional Organization Rules on Membership Suspension

From Chapter 8: When States Misbehave: Membership Suspension in International Organizations, by Heidi Hardt and Brent E. Sasley
In Accountability for Effectiveness in Global Governance
edited by John Kirton and Marina Larionova
available from Routledge, 2018

  Association of Southeast Asian Nations African Union European Union League of Arab States Organization of American States
Source Charter (2008), Article 20  (ASEAN 2007) Constitutive Act (2002), Article 30 (AU 2000) Treaty of Amsterdam (1999), Article 7 (EU 1997) Charter (1945), Article 18 (League of Arab States 1945) Charter (1948), Chapter 3, Article 9 (OAS 1948)
Condition "In the case of a serious breach of the Charter or non-compliance" A government has "come to power through unconstitutional means" A member state 'seriously and persistently breaches the principles on which the EU is founded (liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law)' "any state which fails to fulfill its obligations under the Charter" A member state's "democratically constituted government has been overthrown by force"
Method "Matter shall be referred to the ASEAN Summit for (consensus-based) decision" Peace and Security Council, decision by consensus EC acts by unanimity on a proposal by 1/3 members or by Commission, after obtaining assent of European Parliament. Council may decide to suspend rights (QMV) "unanimous decision of the states, not counting the state concerned" Decision to suspend shall be adopted at a special session of the General Assembly by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of member states
Consequence Unspecified "Not allowed to participate in the activities of the Union" Certain rights suspended,
"including the voting rights of the…Member State in the Council" but other membership obligations remain binding.
The state is considered separate from the League No "right to participate in sessions of the GA, the Meeting of Consultation, Council and Specialized Conferences" or any other working group or bodies


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Organization of American States (1948). "Charter of the Organization of American States." Washington DC.

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