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Table 11-14:
G20 Compliance on Commitments by Catalyst Type

From Chapter 11: Explaining G20 and BRICS Compliance, by Marina Larionova, Mark Rakhmangulov and Andrey Shelepov
In Accountability for Effectiveness in Global Governance
edited by John Kirton and Marina Larionova
available from Routledge, 2018

Catalyst type Number of commitments Number of commitments assessed Compliance score
Priority placement 133 12 +0.32
Numerical target 42 2 +0.21
Timeline 197 17 +0.37
Self-accountability mechanisms 19 4 +0.64
External mandate 46 0 n/a
Internal mandate 85 1 +0.25
Engagement with international organizations 293 21 +0.36

Note: n/a = not applicable

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