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Appendix 1-A:
Framework of Summit Accountability Measures and Causes

From Chapter 1: Accountability and Effectiveness in Global Governance, by John Kirton and Marina Larionova
In Accountability for Effectiveness in Global Governance
edited by John Kirton and Marina Larionova
available from Routledge, 2018


  1. Compliance catalysts within a summit commitment
  2. Companion commitments at the same summit
    Iteration of issue or commitment at subsequent summit
  3. Commitment to implement
    Accountability session or discussion: spontaneous, built in
    Accountability report received or endorsed

Ministerial Reinforcement

  1. Functional minister follow-up
    Finance ministers follow-up
    Foreign ministers follow-up

Official Level Bodies

  1. Official-level working groups
    Secretariat support: general, dedicated to planning, monitoring and evaluation

Internal Accountability Group Accountability Assessment

  1. Autonomous analytic general (G7 Research Group, G20 Research Group, BRICS Research Group)
    Issue-Specific: Global Trade Alert Project
    Advocacy issue-specific (World Wildlife Fund1990 G8), ICC B20 Scorecard
    Media references

Civil Society Participation

  1. Engagement groups
    Coalitions of non-governmental organizations

Surrounding Summit Support

  1. Overlapping summits
    Outside summits

Multilateral Organizational Support

  1. Assigned
    Autonomous (World Trade Organization's Trade Policy Review Mechanism)
  2. Enforcement through suspension, sanctions and force
  3. Additional causes of compliance
    National government processes
    Internal G7 team tracking
    Auditor general reports
    Legislative hearings/reports
  4. System structure
    Relative capability
    Relative vulnerability
    Interactive reciprocity

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