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G20 Japan: The 2019 Osaka Summit

Edited by John Kirton and Madeline Koch, with guest editor Naoki Tanaka
Published by GT Media and the G20 Research Group, 2019

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Host's Welcome

Welcome to Osaka: Japan's Vision for the G20 and Society 5.0
Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe sets the agenda for the Osaka Summit

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Leader Views

From Buenos Aires to Osaka
President Mauricio Macri reflects on the last G20 summit, hosted by Argentina
Working Together for the Common Good
Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte on the priorities for Osaka
G20 Cooperation in Times of Change
Jair Messias Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, describes his country's renaissance
Back to Basics for Inclusive Global Growth
Cyril Ramaphosa, president of South Africa, reflects on the G20's role in growth
The G20's Second Decade Challenge
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey presents his vision for the G20's next chapter
Multilateralism: In Search of Beautiful Harmony
Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president, on challenges and transition

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Spotlight from Japan

Along the Finance Track
Taro Aso, Japan's minister of finance, on the economic outlook
On the Agenda
Foreign minister Taro Kono outlines Japan's schedule for its G20 presidency

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Guest Leaders' Views

A Multilateral Agenda for a Fairer, More Sustainable Future
Pedro Sánchez, prime minister of Spain
Africa and the G20: Collaboration for Shared Prosperity
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, president of Egypt
ASEAN and the G20: Advancing Partnership for Sustainable Prosperity
General Prayut Chan-o-cha, prime minister of Thailand

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Editors' Introductions

Prospects for the Osaka Summit
John Kirton, director of the G20 Research Group, covers the leading themes or the 2019 meeting
Japan's Opportunity at the Osaka Summit
Naoki Tanaka, president of the Centre for International Public Policy Studies, explains how the world's challenges will shape the G20's summit

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1. Trade and Investment Cooperation

G20 Performance on Trade
Analysis by Maria Marchyshyn, lead researcher on trade for the G20 Research Group
The G20's Key Deliverables
Matthew P. Goodman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies on the unique role of trade in a globalised world
Dynamic Policies to Reshape Trade
Mukhisa Kituyi, secretary general of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, proposes how to rethink trade and investment
Small Island Economies: The WCO's Renewed Focus
Kunio Mikuriya, secretary general of the World Customs Organization, calls for bespoke economic support

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2. Innovation for Economic Growth and Equality

G20 Performance on Economic Growth
Analysis by Alissa Wang, researcher with the G20 Research Group
Inclusive Growth in a Changing World
An interview with Angel Gurría, secretary general of the OECD
Governing Global Imbalances
An interview with Larry Summers, president emeritus at Harvard University
Lifting Global Growth
An interview with Robert Fauver, former US sherpa
The Private Sector's Contribution to Growth
Chair of the B20 Shuzo Sumi details how business can support Society 5.0
Closer Alignment: ICC'S Contribution to the B20 and G20
An interview with John Denton, secretary-general of the International Chamber of Commerce
The Policy Formula for Well-Being
Dennis J. Snower's three-point agenda to align well-being with policy development

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3. Fighting Corruption

Performance on Anti-Money Laundering and Corruption
Analysis by Denisse Rudich, director of the G20 Research Group, London
Forwarding the Work of the Financial Action Task Force
Marshall Billingslea, FATF president, details how to close the loopholes that fund crime

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4. Development and the 2030 Agenda

G20 Performance on Development
Analysis by Courtney Hallink, director of the G20 Research Group's South Africa office
Highs and Lows in the Global Development Trajectory
An interview with Achim Steiner, administrator, United Nations Development Programme
A Feast Fit for the Future
José Graziano da Silva, director general of the Food and Agriculture Organization, explains why food quality is now a global health priority

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5. Infrastructure for Development

G20 Performance on Infrastructure for Development
Analysis by Julia Tops, researcher with the G20 Research Group
Improving Infrastructure Priorities for Global Development
David Malpass, president of the World Bank, calls for unison across financial systems
Unlocking Private Capital
Jin Liqun, president of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, details the most effective funding solutions for essential infrastructure
Investing for the Future
K V Kamath, president of the New Development Bank, explains how transport can be modernised without heavy costs
Collaboration for Ethical Infrastructure
An interview with Maria Lam-Frendo, CEO of the Global Infrastructure Hub

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6. Empowering Women

G20 Performance on Gender Equality
Analysis by Julia Kulik, director of research, G20 Research Group
Tackling the Hidden Inequalities
Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, UN Women executive director, calls on governments to commit to social protection
The Evolution and Effectiveness of the W20
How to track achievement of the 25 by 25 commitment by Paola Subacchi, Queen Mary University of London, and Holly Lewis-Frayne, E-Economics
Closing the Gender Gap for New Prosperity
Yoriko Meguro, W20 chair, on how women can forge a path through a new global order

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7. International Health

G20 Performance on Health
Analysis by Brittaney Warren, director of compliance for the G20 Research Group
Healthy Systems
Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organization, writes on the need for new systems to tackle new health issues
Primary Care: The First Step to UHC
Henrietta H. Fore, UNICEF executive director, on why primary care is the foundation of universal coverage
The Emergency on the Horizon
Anti-microbial resistance requires urgent address, writes Lord Jim O'Neill
Controlling Climate Change for Human Health
C. James Hospedales, executive director of the Caribbean Public Health Agency, on why the health of humans is linked to the health of the planet

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8. Climate Change and Clean Oceans

G20 Performance on Climate Change
Analysis by Brittaney Warren, director of compliance for the G20 Research Group
The Time Is Now
Joyce Msuya, interim director of the United Nations Environment Programme, calls on the G20 to lead global climate action
Bolstering Biodiversity
Cristiana Pasca Palmer, secretary general of UN Biodiversity, explains why the oceans require protective strategies
Creating Sustainable Cities
The policies driving progress in Tokyo, as outlined by city governor Yoriko Koike
Making Waves for G20 Action on Oceans
Why the tide must turn on plastics and illegal fishing, as explained by Atsushi Sunami

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9. Clean Energy

G20 Performance on Energy
Analysis by Ella Kokotsis, director of research and accountability, G20 Research Group
The Race for Renewables
Francesco La Camera on the key solution to climate crisis
Today's Investment for Tomorrow's Needs
OPEC's secretary-general Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo calls for renewed oil and gas investment
Hydrogen's Clean Energy Future
Integrating hydrogen for clean transport, by Fatih Birol of the International Energy Agency

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10. A Strong, Coherent Financial System

G20 Performance on Financial Regulation
Analysis by Alisa Nikolaeva, researcher with the G20 Research Group
The Financial Stability Board
Randal Quarles, chair of the FSB, explains why global financial vulnerability is building
Strengthening Financial Regulation for Stability
The measures that can mitigate financial risk, as outlined by Chiara Oldani, University of Viterbo 'La Tuscia'

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11. A Fair Global Tax System

G20 Performance on International Taxation
Analysis by Michael Motala, researcher for the G20 Research Group
Tackling Tax Transparency
An interview with Pascal Saint-Amans, director of the Center for Tax Policy and Administration at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
The Past, Present and Future of Our Efforts for a Fair Vision for a Future Society
As detailed by Masatsuga Asakawa, Japan's vice minister of finance for international affairs

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12. Institutions for a Digital Economy

G20 Performance on the Digital Economy
Analysis by Meredith Williams, lead researcher for the G20 Research Group
Governing AI in Society 5.0
The University of Tokyo's Hideaki Shiroyama outlines Japan's work in implementing its vision for a future society

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13. Enhancing Employment

G20 Performance on Labour and Employment
Analysis by Jane Filipiuk, research associate with the G20 Research Group
Employment in the Year 2021
The International Labour Organization's Guy Ryder outlines the future of employment in the coming century
Labour 20 Initiatives for Osaka
The L20's Rikio Kozu on how the lives of workers can be improved

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14. Ageing Popultions' Economic and Social Impact

G20 Performance on Ageing Populations
Analysis by Alessandra Cicci, co-chair of summit studies, G20 Research Group
Let's Not Just Talk Pensions
Joachim Breuer of the International Social Security Association outlines the immediate action needed in social security

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15. Strengthening Security

East Asian Security
Asia's potential crisis flashpoints as detailed by David A. Welch of the Balsillie School of International Affairs

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16. Strengthening the G20 System

Mobilising Multilateralism
Former Canadian prime minister Paul Martin writes about the responsibility that comes with living in a globalised world
Supporting the G20'S Economic Governance System
Former sherpa Len Edwards outlines a blueprint for the G7 and G20 to collaborate
The BRICS and G20: Building Global Governance for the Future
How collaboration will facilitate Society 5 .0, by Marina Larionova of the Russian Academy for National Economy and Public Administration
China's Concerns for the Osaka Summit
The geopolitical relationships that will influence China's participation, by Guo Shuyong of the Shanghai International Studies University
The Civil 20 Contribution to the Osaka Summit
The role of the C20 in a changing world, explained by its chair, Yuka Iwatsuki

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