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G7 France: The 2019 Biarritz Summit

Edited by John Kirton and Madeline Koch
Published by GT Media and the G7 Research Group, 2019

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Leaders' Views

In Pursuit of Global Equality
France's President Emmanuel Macron outlines the agenda for the Biarritz Summit
Milestones and Ambitions for a United World
Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau shares Canada's achievements and goals in the context of the G7
Leading The Effort Towards a More Equal World
Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte says delivering a better world means shaping a fairer, more equal global society
Inclusivity: The Key to a Fair Future for All
Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, calls for a united front in the face of protectionist, nationalist policies that reinforce existing inequalities

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Guest Leaders' Perspectives

The Common Challenge We Face
Scott Morrison, prime minister of Australia, a participant in this year's summit, advocates for trade liberalisation to underpin economic success and a strengthened trade system
Global Good from the New World Order
Chile's President Sebastián Piñera E. considers the challenges and opportunities of the approaching next decade, from action on climate change to the digital revolution
Africa and the G7: A Partnership for Progress
As the G7 seeks deeper engagement with Africa, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, president of the Arab Republic of Egypt and chair of the African Union, shares the rapid progress and vast continent

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Editor's Introduction

Prospects for the Biarritz Summit
John Kirton, director of the G7 Research Group, covers the agenda and likely outcomes of the G7 Biarritz Summit

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Spotlight on Biarritz

Shared Concerns from La Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Beyond
President of the Regional Council of Nouvelle-Aquitaine Alain Rousset calls on leaders to act on environmental issues

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Towards Gender, Education and Health Parity

G7 Performance on Gender Equality
Julia Kulik, director of research, G7 Research Group, shares the data and factors that drive targets to ministerial meetings
Equality in the Law
United Nations under-secretary-general and UN Women executive director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka reports on the dual forces equality in the law
G7 Performance on Education
G7 Research Group research analyst Alecsandra Dragus on which catalysts the G7 should employ for greater action on education
Her Education, Our Future
UNESCO director-general Audrey Azoulay outlines a new initiative that fast-tracks action on girls' and women's education and enables them to play a transformative role in society
G7 Performance on Health
Duja Muhanna, research analyst, G7 Research Group, shares the data on health commitments and compliance, and what is needed to achieve universal health coverage
Bridging the Gender and Health Divide
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Senait Fisseha of the World Health Organization on why universal health coverage requires gender-responsive health systems
Smart Investments Save Lives
Eliminating HIV, tuberculosis and malaria is within reach, but getting there requires concerted action — and more money, says Peter Sands, executive director, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
At the Intersection of Climate Heating and Health
The link between extreme weather and regional health security is most conspicuous in the Caribbean. C. James Hospedales, formerly with the Caribbean Public Health Agency, says coordinated action is needed

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Outlook on the Environment

G7 Performance on Climate Change
Brittaney Warren, director of compliance and lead researcher on climate change, G7 commitments have waxed and waned over the years, but sustained action is vital to control the climate crisis
The Green Economy Transition
United Nations Environment Programme executive director Inger Anderson calls for holistic thinking and conscious decision-making for a fairer world
G7 Performance on Energy
Ella Kokotsis, the G7 Research Group's director of accountability, considers whether the G7 can fully utilise clean energy as a key driver of jobs and growth without the collective support of all seven leaders
Big Ambition, Big Reward
Francesco La Camera, director-general, International Renewable Energy Agency, says renewable energy can
G7 Performance on Biodiversity
Angela Min Yi Hou, co-chair of summit commitments equals more compliance when it comes to biodiversity
Bolstering Biodiversity
UN Biodiversity's Cristiana Pasca Palmer says G7 leaders should embed biodiversity indicators, incentives and investments in policymaking
G7 Performance on Oceans
Hélène Emorine of the G7 Research Group analyses the G7's past performance on oceans to draw lessons on how Biarritz can respond to the ocean crisis
Action on Oceans
Atsushi Sunami, president, Ocean Policy Research Institute, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, says initiatives to transition to a fully regenerative, sustainable ocean economy demand collaborative work

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Equitable Trade, Tax and Development

G7 Performance on Trade
Maria Marchyshyn, lead researcher on trade, G7 Research Group, shares the data on trade commitments and compliance and calls for trade to be utilised for more inclusive growth
G7 Trade Policy Imperils the Best Jobs
Professor of international trade and economic development Simon J. Evenett on why honest appraisal of and action on trade-distorting subsidies are required
Reigniting Investment Flows
UNCTAD secretary-general Mukhisa Kituyi calls on leaders to rekindle global investment in support of the Sustainable Development Goals
Tax Spillover Assessments: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Professors Andrew Baker and Richard Murphy outline a new framework for carrying out fairer assessments of global tax systems
G7 Performance on Development
Julia Tops, co-chair, summit studies, G7 Research Group, looks at the G7's action on development since its inception
The Power of Togetherness
An interview with the United Nations Development Programme's Achim Steiner, who shares what can be achieved when the world unites to overcome individual issues
Financing Development
As the World Bank Group sharpens its focus on comprehensive economic and social improvements, its president David Malpass details the programmes under way that target shared prosperity and seek to surmount challenges that stunt opportunity

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Opportunities for Innovation

G7 Performance on Digitalisation
With combating inequalities high on the agenda, Meredith Williams, a lead researcher with the G7 Research Group, says the G7 should from the technology revolution
The Workplace Equality Challenge
Guy Ryder, director-general, International Labour Organization, highlights the gaps that must be bridged to ensure decent work for all

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Inclusive Economic Investments

G7 Performance on Macroeconomic Policy
The G7 Research Group's Alissa Wang finds that although the G7 started as an economic summit, its focus on macroeconomics has markedly declined
Global Growth for Global Gain
An interview with Angel Gurría, secretary-general, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, on equality, the economy and digital transformation
Outlook on the Global Economy
Robert Fauver, former US G7 sherpa, shares in this interview his perspective on the global economy — from what is making it tick to short- and long-term threats to growth
Preventing the Next Financial Crisis
Professor of economics Chiara Oldani explains how the rapid uptake of non-traditional banking services could prove

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Promoting Peace and Security

G7 Performance on Regional Security in the Middle East
When it comes to security in this region, more commitments do not equal greater compliance. Maria Zelenova, research analyst, G7 Research Group, shares the data
The Digitalisation of Crime — and Law Enforcement
Europol executive director Catherine De Bolle says we must pool our resources and expertise in an increasingly complex and transnational security landscape
No Borders in Cyberspace
Chancellor's professor Fen Osler Hampson explores the measures available to address false information, market dominance and poor transparency in the online world
Restoring Trust in the Election Process
Senior research professor Christopher Sands on how governments are defending democracy in the face of foreign hacking and viral disinformation campaigns
Cooperation for a Secure Europe
Aurel Braun, a professor of international relations and political science, says the G7 must persevere in building strategic stability
All Eyes East
With the greatest threats to global peace and security today coming from East Asia, David A. Welch says it's time for the G7 to step up on security in the region

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Partnerships with Africa

G7 Performance on Africa
A more inclusive format regarding Africa has driven higher compliance and produced clearer commitments, finds Brittaney Warren, director of compliance for the G7 Research Group
An IMF That Works for Africa
Professor of international development law and African economic relations Daniel D. Bradlow argues that IMF reforms should begin with better African representation and an end to its Euro-centric leadership
Synchronicity for Africa and the G7
Elizabeth Sidiropoulos, chief executive, South African Institute for engagement with Africa requires facing up to inequalities that erode growth and development

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A Stronger G7 System

The Risks of a Renewed Format
London School of Economics' Tristen Naylor on why line between being more inclusive and participatory, and upholding the group's value and unique position in the overall global governance landscape
France in Focus
The G7 Research Group's Hélène Emorine considers the central role France has played in championing international cooperation for a more inclusive G7
In Defence of Global Governance
Jan Wouters of KU Leuven considers how an agenda with multilateralism at its core is easing communication of the European Union's message of defending the rules-based order

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